Solar power – basic

This principle of construction makes maximum use of solar energy for natural heating, cooling and ventilation of the house and can contribute significantly to energy savings in the household and improve the quality of everyone who lives in the house. Although the idea is not new and it seems that […]

What Is Passive Solar House – Simplified And Clear

charming green roof
The design of the buildings changed over time, but it should be noted that the function of the building always remained the same: to protect, to give comfort, warmth in winter and coolness in summer. However, in recent years the impact of buildings on the environment and solutions that include […]

Green roofs – vision for the future

solar system
We all generally knew that the price of electricity is high. But in the future, it will not be reduced, but it will only constantly increasing. Bearing that in mind, we need in the future to think how a household, can be an energy independent or can reduce energy consumption. […]

Solar Systems – Energy Savers For Your Home

installing of solar panels
For the purposes of everyday life, people use energy that partly originates directly from nature, and partly artificially created, but the fact is that most of the energy sources used today are not renewable, and the damage that is inflicted on nature day by day is enormous and irreparable. Ecological […]

Nature – Inexhaustible Source Of Renewable Energy

Orientation Of Objects For Achieving Energy Efficiency From the position of an object depends not only the brightness of the rooms, but also the amount of receiving  heat from solar radiation, which is very important if you are planning to build low-energy or passive houses. To achieve the strict criteria […]

Best Houses For Achieving Energy Efficiency