Solar power panels

Basic information about different types of solar panels. Advantages and disadvantages.

solar system
We all generally knew that the price of electricity is high. But in the future, it will not be reduced, but it will only constantly increasing. Bearing that in mind, we need in the future to think how a household, can be an energy independent or can reduce energy consumption. […]

Solar Systems – Energy Savers For Your Home

Transparent solar cell
Scientists at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) have created a great new transparent solar powered cell from which are able to make solar panels that could be placed on houses and buildings in contrast to windows. These solar panels would have generated electricity, but yet people can […]

Solar Power Cell A New Universe In Renewable Energy

Solar Water Heater - Collector
Collectors are one of the most important parts of solar systems for heating water. There are various models of solar collectors, ranging from integrated systems, systems with parabolic mirrors and many others. Most popular of all are flat collectors and collectors with vacuum tubes. Flat Collectors Collector with a flat […]

Flat panels vs Collectors with vacuum tubes